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Club Dusey was started in October of 2018, but it was conceived much earlier. My name is Louis and I'm the sole contributor and designer of this site, which was constructed with very little knowledge on how to do so.

I've always loved writing and old or obscure films and this is my outlet to share my interest. Sometimes I write about whatever I want to because, well, it's my site. I'm inspired by this world of forgotten films, programs like Mystery Science Theater 3000, Tales From the Crypt, and musical artists such as the Misfits. I remember seeing films as a young boy such as Godzilla vs. Megalon and being captivated. These memories are what to this day drive me to discover new entries and untapped cinema legends as well as disasters alike.

I'm a school teacher (B.S. in middle childhood education) and poor guitar player away from the screen. I'm working towards my master's degree and reading a lot of comicbooks. Currently based in the nation's most haunted state, Ohio. I'll happily take questions or comments by email if you'd like to get in touch at clubdusey@gmail.com. The mission here at Club Dusey is to be easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, incredibly entertaining, and utterly bizarre. Your one stop shop for alternative/nerd culture and obscure media, complete with my unqualified opinion. Excelsior.

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