20 October 2019

The Club Dusey One Year Jubilee!

Come one, come all to the first anniversary of our little project! Look inside to see me shamelessly gloat about my accomplishments. But hold those imaginary horses...are they really all my accomplishments? Of course not, they're yours too! Let's see exactly where you come from and what you've been reading. Thanks for everything, homies.

And so it has come to pass that a year has gone since this site went online, and what a year it has been. We've gotten views and reads from every corner of the Earth. From all 28 nations of the European Union (including Malta and Cyprus) to the thunder down under that is Australia/New Zealand, to the white blanket of Greenland and the ridges of Chile, Honduras, and Argentina to the shores of Morocco. Nations of the south Pacific, like the Maldives too! Thank you!

Here is the breakdown of our top ten readers by nation:

  1. The United States
  2. Israel
  3. France
  4. The United Kingdom
  5. Germany 
  6. Canada
  7. Brazil
  8. China
  9. The Netherlands
  10. Finland
These nations have been awarded the honorary title of Screamin' Duseymaniacs. I'm a U.S. resident, so on behalf of everyone here I'd like to say sorry that we are hogging all the Cheetos. They're delicious. Thanks again! Over these last 365 days we've totaled over 4,000 visits. I know what you're thinking. "Why? This site looks like it was designed by the team that constructed the Space Jam promotional page except it's like that team had their talent replaced by a small pack of feral seagulls." And to that, I have nothing to say. Also, yes that site is Warner Bros. official. Here's our most popular posts: 
That last one I'll admit is a bit...lengthy. But hey, it's a greatest hit now, sugar. Those first two are CD's runaway titles with over 700 and 300 views respectively. Thank you haunted house nerds and memelords alike, for I am one of you. 

Finally, I'll conclude this little love letter by introducing our new rep, Seymour the great horned owl. He's really good, if not mischievous. He'll be garnering the pages and protecting the clicks here. Shout out to the wonderful designer Autumn, whose talent cannot be exaggerated. She is down with the Dusey. A donation to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary may be in order.

Looking back, we've got 16 movie reviews, 14 articles, and 1 lit review under our belt in one year for a total of 31 entries. Club Dusey's goal by this time next year is to hit 25 movie reviews, 25 articles, and 6 lit reviews. Our ultimate goal of course is to make sure these entries are actually fucking readable and won't waste your time or mine. And to surpass those goals, with new and exciting varieties of things to fill out the rainbow edges of the site. Horror and geek culture is the center, and sometimes we spin away (hopefully for the better). So thanks for reading as always, #welcometothenewwaveofmadness. We will continue to be active on Facebook, anytime at stevens.louis97@gmail.com, and at the local skate park. Happy one year!

What direction would like to see us go in the next 365?

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