02 November 2020

Movie Spook-Light: Horns (2013)

 You know how you watch one indie movie on Netflix and the site only recommends you weird Daniel Radcliffe movies for the next six years? I sat down and watched one. It was pretty good. It's called Horns. Groovy Dusey score: 6.5.

25 October 2020

The Club Dusey Two-bilee!

 Happy 2nd birthday, Chub Dookie! If you're a functional person who has had no interest in this site since May, well you aren't alone. I myself have been on hiatus from my duties here since then. However, you are in the minority. The most Club Dusey thing of all time has happened - I walked away and the site's popularity skyrocketed. 

Movie Spook-Light: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

I think I misjudged Abraham Lincoln's character. My expectations surrounding this movie involved a bit more of a Steve Austin approach. Like a "the emancipation proclamation says I just whooped your ass" type deal. Instead, honest Abe is more like the guy who won't make eye contact with you when he says excuse me. He speaks softly and carries a large...axe. Still, the true tale of how Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery and killed blood-sucking demons along the way is inspiring. I'm just hurt that my elementary teachers glossed over that part. Watch this movie. Do it now. 6/10. 

26 June 2020

Why SEGA Columns is Better Than Tetris

Why is SEGA Columns better than famous Russian puzzle game Tetris? Because I prefer it. Case closed. Let's break it down. 

22 May 2020

Angry Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Rant

The straw has broken the camel's back. The good name of Charles Edward Cheese's Fun Emporium Wonderland for Children has been soiled like a diaper. Rumors have flown in swaths that the Chuckmeister reuses leftover pizza. I could get over that. I could forgive you, Chuckie. But you have betrayed my trust one final time. Si vis pacem para bellum, Charles. 

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Movie Spook-Light: Horns (2013)